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Monday, June 29, 2009

Firefox 3.5 is coming soon !

Mozilla is all set to release new version of Firefox which is Firefox 3.5.  This time they have some pretty cool new features which will make us stick to it. So lets quickly have a look what all is new in Firefox 3.5.

Few Features of Firefox 3.5   Firefox_3.5

  1. Its faster- 1524 ms on Windows XP machine
  2. More secure - Browse in private mode
  3. Open Video – Video will play without any plug-ins
  4. Location Aware Browsing – This tell websites where you’re located.
  5. New Web Technologies – Downloadable Fonts, CSS Improvements, Web Worker Threads, SVG, JSON and lots more

Firefox 3.5 Demo:


If you want to try your hands on Firefox 3.5 then you can try download and use its release candidate, go ahead give it a try and share your experiences with us by leaving comments below.

[via: Mozilla]


Gmail Increased It’s Attachment Size – 25 MB

Yesterday I was sending some files to my friends from Gmail and I just missed out the calculation of the attachment size, so I got an error message as shown below. The interesting part in this message which I found was, it said “..exceed the 25MB attachment limit”.


Did Gmail increased its maximum attachment size to 25 MB from 20 MB. To cross check it I went to Gmail Help and found out that its true.

With Gmail, you can send and receive messages up to 25 megabytes (MB) in size.
Please note that you may not be able to send larger attachments to contacts who use other email services with smaller attachment limits. If your attachment bounces, you should invite them to Gmail.

So now you can share some additional files using Gmail and if your mail bounces then its time to invite that person who has a smaller attachment limits from other email services to Gmail. As Gmail is one of the best email services, share your opinion by commenting below.


Friday, June 26, 2009

BlogCampPune-2 Live Update

logomainkrity6Its 10:00 AM sharp and half the room is full with people and still counting in…It looks likes this room will full in no time. Everyone is waiting for the sessions to start I’m one of them too.

I’ll keep you all updated about the most awaited event of this weekend. All ages people are in 15yrs to almost people in 50’s this is a stage where age is has no limit.


It has started guys… Everyone is introducing themselves and about their blogs. This is very interesting to known that their are lot of blogger have more then one blog and people as well who want to start blogging soon after coming to BlogCampPune - 2.


Wow…we have scientist (the guy in the ponytail), students, IT professional, media professionals in the house this is one of a kind BlogCampPune



This was covered by Tarun sharing about why people blog? What people blog about? like writing about their life, writing about blogs, technology etc. The reason behind blogging  like how to make themselves fames, to earn money, making difference etc it was all together an introduction about bloggers.

How to market about your blog? 


This session was taken by Ankesh Kothari. He shared how you can market about your blog. One thing which I agree with him was by writing a great content, making back links at places where lot of people hangout and by getting few free stuffs and selling that stuff at a very low profit and investing that money in advertising for blog and lot more. This session was good because I got  to know how can you invest without paying out of your pocket.

Blogger to Wordpress


Rahul Bansal had taken this session and this was a very interesting topic which was chosen by him, as most of us including me started blogging using www.blogspot.com and think after blogging for 1 to 2 years or more on blogspot then it is not possible to switch over Wordpress. He totally changed that set of mind, he gave a great presentation on how to transfer from blogger to Wordpress without losing your traffic and page ranks. Personally if I’ll plan to shift to Wordpress in future then would diffidently go through the article written by him - Blogger to Wordpress.

After this session I almost lost the track as their was so many session going on, that I was not able to get all the details, however it was a great learning overall and I had a great time. The best thing was that I got to meet lot of other bloggers and interact with them personally rather then sharing comments on each others blog or twitter. 

In our conversation I came to know that BarCamp will be coming soon most probably in next weekend but not sure about it till now. Incase if it gets finalize will post about its detail for sure. For getting new updates and news about it do subscribe to our feed by email subscriber.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

[Giveaway] Demonoid Invitation code Giveaway-2


This giveaway has been closed..!

Last month I had given 4 invitation code for Demonoid and till yesterday Demonoid registration was open if you have missed both the opportunity to get a Demonoid account then here is a change to get one. This time I have come up the giveaway-2 because of three great reasons

  1. I completed 100 posts on Orkut Sharing successfully.
  2. Orkut Sharing has crossed 100 readers.

These could be small reasons for others but for me its an opportunity to share and give back something for the support you all have given me. This time I’ll giveaway 6 Demonoid  invitation codes to all those people who wants one.

The rules are similar as last time however this time you just need to follow only one simple rule.

  • And post a comment in the comment section below saying why you really need a Demonoid invitation code.

Besides posting a comment I would also suggest you to subscribe yourself  to our feed by email subscriber for future news and update.

Each participant can post as many comments as he/she wants in order to increase chance of winning. However, each participant can only win one invite code. If the same winner is again picked for the second time, it will be ignored and will be redraw to another winner.

To be fair I’ll again use Random.org to pick 6 winners randomly who will receive an invitation code by which they can register themselves at Demonoid account.

Deadline Date: 1 July 2009, all the comments posted before or on this day will be valid. Please make sure you give a valid email address as you will be contacted by the same email id.

Orkut Sharing reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions of this giveaway at anytime without prior notice.

Announcing  the winners:

Random numbers are taken out as shown in the below snap-shot


And the winners are

  1. Ketan
  2. Deck
  3. Ivan
  4. Cosmin
  5. derek
  6. Anoymous (faisal.stallion)

Congratulations to all the winners, you will be contacted by email id which you have provided and the invitation code will be sent to you soon.

Orkut Sharing would like to thank you all for taking part and supporting this giveaway. People who have not won an invitation code in this giveaway don't have to worry as whenever I’ll get any more stuff to share I will surely share it with you guys because, I believe Sharing is Everything.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

BlogCampPune2 Is Back After 2-Years

The first BlogCampPune happened on 16th June 2007 which was a huge success and now after 2 years its back again to rock..!


So what’s it all about?

BlogCampPune is a FREE unconference focusing exclusively on blogging, organized by bloggers for bloggers. This will be focusing on sharing, learning and new ideas about blogging. It will have intense event where discussions, demos and interaction between attendees.

I was not able to attend the first BlogCampPune because 2 year back I dint even know anything about these events, however this time I’ll make sure I don't miss it.

Date: 27th June 2009

Time: 10:00AM to 5:00PM

Venue: SICSR (Symbiosis) 7th Floor Atur Center, Gokhale Cross Road, Model Colony Pune Near the OM Super Market - Google Map

You can also register to attend this event by grabbing yourself a ticket before it get over http://blogcamppune.eventbrite.com and for more information check out BlogCampPune2

Hope to see you all at BlogCampPune2, where blogger’s are going to share their thoughts on - Why we blog, how to make your blog popular, ways to earn from your blog and a best marketing tool etc.

Lets make BlogCampPune2 bigger then the last time by passing on the word and make sure that every blogger attends it and invite people who wish to be a part of blogosphere but don’t know where and how to start.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Foster’s Party – Blue, Solaris Club

FOSTERS Foster’s India Ltd had thrown a great party last Sunday which was different then other parties. They had organized this party only for invites, the best part was that it was a poolside party that too at noon.  

Forster’s is a leading Australian brand and it has six percent market in mild beer in Indian market however Forster’s is the worlds 7th largest international beer brand.

Fosters Pic 3 Lets talk about the party venue, food, music and obviously drinks

Venue which they choose was one of the happing places in Pune near poolside at Blue, Club Solaris, Koregoan park on 7th June 2009, Sunday at 12:30 PM.

Fosters Pic 5          DSC01142

Food was great they had arranged a barbeque and severing hot chicken tikka, kebab’s, paneer tikka  and lots more with it chilled Foster beer was served which were free. That’s not it Forster’s party had got a famous DJ who was playing awesome music which made most of the people got on there toes to show there moves.

In few hours the pool got full and everyone was enjoying the sun, food, drinks and music. This party had also invited some of the models and media celebrities who enjoyed them self around and in the pool.

Fosters Pic 2Foster’s threw this party to promote their brand in Pune. I was invited by IndiBlogger with some well know Pune blogger’s. At the end this party was a great success and we all enjoyed it. Thanks to FOSTER’S


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Again A New Region For Google Ads In Orkut

If you all remember I wrote a post New Region For Google Ads In Orkut last year. That time Orkut had brought the ads above my communities and below my friends recently when I opened my Orkut account I noticed ads have jumped over my friends and now its above it have a look at below snap-shot.

Pervious Region                         New Region

        Pervious Region                 orkut ads

From beginning my friends was always on top right-hand side and people like me are used to it in that way however I think that Google is trying to get more attention of Orkut users towards these ads and trying to get some more bucks out of Orkut. Let us know what do you think about this new region for ads.

Note: This change in ads region is seen in my account but few of my friends has the same ads region as before.


Orkut Sharing News:

With this post today I completed 100 posts on Orkut Sharing successfully. 

Thanks to all of you for supporting me on this journey.

It feels GREAT !!



Friday, June 5, 2009

Google Launched Orkut Mobile App

If you all remember I had written a post few months back Google Is All Set To Release Orkut App for Mobile Phones yesterday was the day when Google launched beta Orkut mobile application which you all can download on all Java-enabled phones which includes some of the popular phones like Nokia N95, Nokia 6300 and Sony Ericsson W580i.

Top five favorite features of Orkut mobile app:

  • Upload photos to orkut on-the-go, directly from your phone.
  • View scraps, friends' updates, and photo albums while you're offline.
  • Share your orkut albums with all of your friends whether they use orkut or not (via SMS).
  • Easily call or SMS your orkut friends and address book contacts from within the app.
  • Get automatic updates when your friends change their contact information or orkut profiles.

Steps to download:

  1. Go to m.google.com/orkut from your mobile phone’s browser.
  2. It will ask you to “Install” the application which is 495 KB.
    orkut_install orkut_kb
  3. After it gets installed you have to go to the application ( In Nokia phones it will be in the application folder) and select it.
  4. Then Orkut app will start loading.
  5. Once its loading is completed you will have to sign-in with your Orkut account. That’s all.

Few snap-shots of Orkut mobile app:

Home Page


My Scrapbook


My Contacts


My Photos


My Profile


Option Menu


What’s the cost?

Google has made this application free to download, however data plan of GPRS charges will be applicable so you have to check it with your phone provider. I have to check my bill . Do share your experience with us by leaving comments and keep orkutting.!

[Link: Orkut Blog]

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Its Back Again !! Pune Tweetup 2

This year back in February one on my good friend and ex-colleague who is an active blogger and twitter Bhavya had organized with other twitters, one of the Indian largest  Pune twitter meetup in CCD on FC Road.

They assumed that handful of people would show up but to their surprise 60+ twitters turned up and they had to some how squeeze them self into CCD. The story doesn't end here they all became news which was encouraged by the media with Pune Mirror, DNA and Indian Express.


They had great topics to discuss on like:

1. Why and how to use twitter
2. Does and don’ts at twitter
3. Twitter – a Business development tool
4. Exchanging knowledge, updates, ideas and opinions in twitter
5. Green Pune and All information about pune through twitter
6. What if twitter charges for usage?
7. Romance and meeting soul mates via Twitter

Last time I had missed this event , however this time I will make sure that I’ll not !!

After the great success of Pune Tweetup 1 all the twitters are going to meetup again so they bring us PTU2 - Pune Tweetup 2. Get yourself register at Pune Tweetup 2 as last time I checked only 25 tickets were remaining and also don't forget to get your own badges/stickers with your twitter name by registering at PTU2. 

Venue: The Mint Cafe, Below Pune IT Labs, Opposite Nilgiri Heights, Shivaji Housing Society, SB Road

Date: 6th June, Sat

Time: 6:30 pm

Hope to see you all @PTU2 !!!