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Friday, April 25, 2008

Google handed Over User Data

Internet giant Google on Wednesday handed over information of more than 3,000 of its users to a Brazilian Senate panel investigating pedophilia. Felix Ximenes. A set of DVDs containing information on 3,261 users of the company's popular Orkut social-networking service for an investigation into the spread of child pornography on the site. This was done because Brazilian officials had received 50,000 allegations of pedophilia in recent years, and that Orkut was suspected of being an online gathering point for sexual predators of children.

"With the information we have received, we will be able to strike a major blow against the pedophile network acting in the country," said Sen. Demostenes Torres.
"They are exchanging telephone numbers, names of possible victims, the situations in which they live" as well as photos, the senator said.
“ We have the images, the comments of the users and the data of access. We know who accessed and when it accessed ”, it emphasized the director of Communication and Public Subjects of the Google, Felix Ximenes, in meeting of the CPI.

Google representatives met with police, prosecutors and other officials late Wednesday in Sao Paulo to negotiate a wide-ranging deal that would see the US company systematically providing data on suspect Orkut users to Brazilian authorities.

A public relations executive working for Google, Eduardo Vieira, told AFP he believed "the deal would be sealed this week."

He explained that delivering users information across international boundaries was "not simple" for Internet companies such as Google, but stressed that the company had "no problem cooperating with Brazilian justice" on the issue.

Image Source : Mashable
More Details: AFP , Canadianpress


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Orkut Adds New Applications for India

At last orkut has started Application directory in India after Estonia. You all must have noticed about it this morning, this is a cool thing which orkut has added.

Note: If you are not situated in either of the country then too you can use these features by just changing your country as India or Estonia.

You can use this application in your account as follows (shown with the help of screenshot)

1) Fist click on the add apps link in your orkut account page on left hand side of your screen.

2) Choose which application you want to use.( many more application are available then shown in the screenshot)

3) Just press add application in Approval to add application panel.

4) You will notice that which all application you have chosen.

5) Follow the same steps to use other applications.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Orkut on your mobile

Google has Officially launched mobile version of Orkut. Almost every one wished for this, I was one of them too and now it has finally launched. You can use Orkut on your mobile by m.orkut.com . Obviously in mobile version there are few things you have to know before using it, which are as follows

Minimum requirements:

1) Need GPRS Enable mobile phone.
2) Your mobile web browser needs to be XHTML compliant.
3) Your mobile web browser must have cookies enabled.
4) Your mobile service provider should allow secure SSL traffic (HTTP secure).
5) Please note: If you have any problem then please contact your mobile service provider for the above configuration.

Orkut mobile Features :

You can access these features

1) Orkut profile
2) Scrapbook
3) Search profile.
4) See your friends' list.
5) Updates from your friends
6) Birthday reminders
7) Pending friend requests

Orkut mobile Drawbacks :

You can not access these features

1) Communities
2) Testimonials
3) Videos
4) Edit your orkut profile
5) Create a new orkut profile.

Shortcut Key's from your mobile :

After you sign-in, you can easily and quickly use following shortcuts
  • 1 = Help
  • 3 = (F)riends
  • 5 = (L)ogout/Sign-out
  • 6 = (M)y Profile
  • 7 = (S)crapbook
Cost :

1) Orkut dose not charge to access your Orlut profile from a mobile device.
2) Charges may be applicable by your mobile service provider.

Credits :

Via: Inside Orkut.
Details: Orkut Mobile Help Center.

Image : Labnol


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Google Gadgets For Your Webpage

Good new for all those people who have there own website or blogs, now you can add some cool stuffs from Google Gadgets on your website. Which will help you in many ways.

1) Promote your own website.

2) It can work as a secondary proxy site for google and other website as well, to use features like

# Orkut Scraps (works in Firefox Web browser. It shows only the upcoming Birthdays of
your friends
#Yahoo messenger
#AIM messenger
#Search You Tube videos
#And many more cool stuffs.

3) These features can be used in Internet Explore also.

4) Adds few features like smiley in Gtalk which can be used in Internet Explore. Which was not possible before.

You can have a taste of Google Gadgets on Orkut Sharing also I have added Orkut and GTalk on right-hand side of the current page as Orkut Sharing Cool Features.

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