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Sunday, November 30, 2008

ClubHack 2008 Is Back In Pune

If you were not able to attend ClubHack 2007 then this would be a good news for all the computer geek's. This is second time such conference is happing in India. First time it was in December 2007 and it was a great success. It is been scheduled on 6th & 7th December 2008. Check out the Schedule. Chief guest will be commissioner of Pune Police Dr. Satyapal Singh.

What is ClubHack 2008 all about? Thinking

It is a get-together where all the best hackers of India come out on a open and common platform to show their talent and creations to the world. You can get a chance to interact with all the hackers, security professionals,law enforcement professionals and the list can go on and on.

This would be a great opportunity to share your talent or to learn cool techniques for good use. This will not be just talking and listening about all the hack technics but it will be having workshop also where you can try your hands on it too.

Event Description:

ClubHack 2008 has 2 days activities.

Day 1: Tech/Legal Talks and panel discussion

  1. On 6th December selected papers as submitted by different speakers will be presented.
  2. This will be divided in 2 parallel threads of 5 talks each.
  3. The last thread at the end of the day will be the panel discussion.

Day 2: Workshops

On 7th December there will be 2 workshops to impart instantaneous knowledge on related subjects.

Any one can come for this conference but, I would say every computer literate should attend this event to know all the shades of ebony & ivory to use computers. If you work in the security field and do such stuff daily, then you can understand the importance's of this conference.

So what are you thinking about, come and register yourself on ClubHack 2008 Registration

Registration fees:

Talk Session on 6th December :

Pre-registration:  INR 1000
On the spot registration: INR 1500

Each workshop on 7th December :
Pre-registration:  INR 1000
On the spot registration:  INR 1500

  • Date: 6th & 7th December 2008
  • Place: Pune
  • Venue: International Convention Center, SB Road
  • Schedule: Schedule
  • Registration: Registration

    Note: Every attendees must be above 18 years of age on the day of event.

  • Source: ClubHack 2008


    Friday, November 28, 2008

    What's Going On In Barcamp Pune-5

    For some reason if you were not able to make it to BCP-5(Barcamp Pune) then I have to say that you are missing a lot guys.Because I was late by 1hour and I missed one of the best topic Wifi hacking and Security. Its going on great out here, cool topics, interactive people and the best thing is its great learning.


    This session was good, as it was all about learning from Internet. How you can get the latest updated's, learning from anywhere, have a web or video conference for interactive session if someone cant come over and explain it. Most of you would agree with me, that lot of us have started using Internet so commonly that we just Google anything for which you need information and we get it right way. And the best part is that all this learning is free of cost(except Internet chargesWinking)


    e-learning session by Bhavya and Pramita.


    If you love blogger clubs, open source technology, Java coding then this is the place for you TechStart. This was an interactive session as all were debating about was schooling necessary for work we do in software industries? As all the skill set needed in software field is learnt after school or college. And we end up learning these technology by ourselves by book or through net. Every one had there own point of view.


    Techstart.in session by Freeman.

    Google Analytics:

    Most of the Google products I love, Analytics is one of the my best product. This session was all about how Google analytics works. It gives all the details about the visitors who visited your website or blog. This gives all the good and bad things about your blogs and website. Good things is to keep the good work on and Bad things which points out where you have to improve.


    Google Analytics session by Rohan Dighe.

    Pune Wiki:

    Now this session was not attended by many, as it was all about government and more about PMC. In beginning I was also thinking that "why am I sitting here", but after listing to Ranjit (in orange T-shirt) I was just lost in his speech. This session educated us how to make give suggestions to pune government for making roads, transport and other things to be in proper manner. Its not just about complaining to them as we always do. We have to help them understand by giving them exact places where the problem is and put your suggestions or tips that how we can improve it. This is the were you can put all the suggestions Pune Wikia. And lets make Pune Cleaner and Greener.


    Pune Wiki session by Ranjit Gadgil.

    Security Assertion Markup Language(SAML):

    It was all about how most of the enterprise web applications uses the SAML in there application. This is been used because till now SAML is the secure way to get login to one site and then go to its order products with the same id and password, as it uses XML to transfer the data and most of us know that XML is the easy and more commonly used everywhere. But the trick is that it dose not passes the password or user-id in the XML file when you go from first product to other products.


    SAML session by Somojit. 

    These were the sessions which I was able to attend. My experience at Barcamp was fantastic. I wish to attend the next Barcamp in future.


    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    New! Video Chat In Gmail

    Gmail is getting better day by day guys. Now it has introduces a new update Voice and Video Chat in Gmail. You must have noticed a new link on top-right hand side of your Gmail account page.

    Video Chat

    Steps to get started :

    1. You can see new link in Gmail chat Options as Add voice/video chat.


    2. Install voice and video chat plug-in.

    3. Once you have installed the plug-in, it may ask you to restart you system.

    4. Then sign in to Gmail.

    5. Now you can see the that Options has changed to Video & more. In it you can invite all those friends who have yet not installed the new video chat plug-in.


    6. And if they have the plug-in installed in there system then you will see the two new links Start voice chat and Start video chat.


    So now you can enjoy the video chatting from Gmail as easy as sending an instant message.

    Source: Gmail Blog


    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    New Region For Google Ads In Orkut

    Last time I logged in my orkut account, I did noticed the change in Advertisement region in my profile home page. As you can see it has been set over the my communities now.


    I remember before this the Advertisement shown on orkut was below my communities. But as Ads were not displayed properly or not in the frame when you login ( we had to scroll down to see the ads, like now I have to do the same thing for my communities ) must be the reason it has been moved up.

    Note: This change in ads region is seen in my account but few of my friends has the same ads region as before.


    Thursday, November 6, 2008

    Orkut Launches New Events

    All of you must be knowing about this feature as it was been launched for Brazil Orkut Users ( by Orkut Plus ). It was been launched before also but was not working in India, so they had removed it. But now its in India too guys…


    So what is it all about ?


    You can do number of things with it, like

    1. Create an event
    2. It act as a to-do list.
    3. Inviting your friends
    4. And manage the events just like an event management system.


    This is great feature which really makes sense for the users to manage events in a collaborative manner to inform friends and communities members at a go.


    Monday, November 3, 2008

    New Update in Gmail for new bunch of stuff

    Hi every one, if you have noticed a new update has been made in gmail page. Its just a new link which shows all the new stuff's in gmail which has been made by gmail team.

    As shown in below snap short, the link is in your gmail account on top-left hand side conner.

    So now if you want to know any new stuff for gmail you can find it out in link New! A bunch of stuff

    These are few new stuffs which gmail has
    1. Emoticons – they're not just for chat anymore ( Which I wrote about few days back)

    2. Gmail for mobile 2.0

    3. Gmail has a new look on the iPhone browser

    4. More friends are more fun. Gmail welcomes your AIM® friends.

    5. Increased attachment limit-- 20 MB!

    6. And many more....