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Friday, June 26, 2009

BlogCampPune-2 Live Update

logomainkrity6Its 10:00 AM sharp and half the room is full with people and still counting in…It looks likes this room will full in no time. Everyone is waiting for the sessions to start I’m one of them too.

I’ll keep you all updated about the most awaited event of this weekend. All ages people are in 15yrs to almost people in 50’s this is a stage where age is has no limit.


It has started guys… Everyone is introducing themselves and about their blogs. This is very interesting to known that their are lot of blogger have more then one blog and people as well who want to start blogging soon after coming to BlogCampPune - 2.


Wow…we have scientist (the guy in the ponytail), students, IT professional, media professionals in the house this is one of a kind BlogCampPune



This was covered by Tarun sharing about why people blog? What people blog about? like writing about their life, writing about blogs, technology etc. The reason behind blogging  like how to make themselves fames, to earn money, making difference etc it was all together an introduction about bloggers.

How to market about your blog? 


This session was taken by Ankesh Kothari. He shared how you can market about your blog. One thing which I agree with him was by writing a great content, making back links at places where lot of people hangout and by getting few free stuffs and selling that stuff at a very low profit and investing that money in advertising for blog and lot more. This session was good because I got  to know how can you invest without paying out of your pocket.

Blogger to Wordpress


Rahul Bansal had taken this session and this was a very interesting topic which was chosen by him, as most of us including me started blogging using www.blogspot.com and think after blogging for 1 to 2 years or more on blogspot then it is not possible to switch over Wordpress. He totally changed that set of mind, he gave a great presentation on how to transfer from blogger to Wordpress without losing your traffic and page ranks. Personally if I’ll plan to shift to Wordpress in future then would diffidently go through the article written by him - Blogger to Wordpress.

After this session I almost lost the track as their was so many session going on, that I was not able to get all the details, however it was a great learning overall and I had a great time. The best thing was that I got to meet lot of other bloggers and interact with them personally rather then sharing comments on each others blog or twitter. 

In our conversation I came to know that BarCamp will be coming soon most probably in next weekend but not sure about it till now. Incase if it gets finalize will post about its detail for sure. For getting new updates and news about it do subscribe to our feed by email subscriber.



At June 29, 2009 at 4:15 AM , Anonymous ketan said...

Hi man as i said u just an outstanding blogger.I like to read your posting.Your latest posting about blogcamp pune2 just so retrievable and so important to share. So be avail of all updates and keep sharing it with all as beautiful as u do.

At June 29, 2009 at 7:02 AM , Blogger ravish said...

Thank you for the beautiful comment.

You should have been in Pune for this event it was great learning...


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