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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winners of New Orkut Version for Giveaway-2

The time has come to announce the winners of Giveaway-2 for 8 free invitation of new Orkut version. So lets not waste time and directly come to the point, following is the list who are considered as valid participants for Giveaway-2. The same order was input into Randomizer list of Random.org

  1. Mohit Singh - http://twitter.com/mohit60000
  2. Sachin Korgaonkar - http://twitter.com/spiritualkinky/status/5588265021
  3. Rama krishna - http://tweetmeme.com/comment/265159945-18228
  4. Vivek - http://twitter.com/vivmaniaa
  5. Prateek Prajapati - http://twitter.com/pyamini
  6. ABUBAKAR SIDDIQ    - http://twitter.com/abuintvitter
  7. Dibakar Saha - http://twitter.com/d_saha
  8. Kudratdeep Singh - http://twitter.com/kudratdeep/status/5648465870
  9. Ch siddhartha - http://twitter.com/chsiddhartha
  10. DIVYESH PAREKH - http://twitter.com/divyeshparekh/status/5669277486
  11. Rahul - http://twitter.com/rahulchakrawar
  12. Frank hanson -    http://twitter.com/frankhansn
  13. Vishnu Babu - http://twitter.com/vishnubabu_vb/status/5674475656

After randomizing the list we picked up first 8 participants name from the list as winners and for proof I have also taken a snap-shot of the list.

Winners of Giveaway-2 for New Okut

And the winners are 

  1. Prateek Prajapati
  2. Kudratdeep Singh
  3. Frank hanson
  4. Dibakar Saha
  5. Rahul
  8. Rama krishna

We would like to congratulate all the winners, do enjoy the new version of Orkut and let us know how do you find it and also share your new Orkut experience with us.

Note: If any of the winners has already got an invitation for new orkut version then their invite would be given to others which would be randomly pick by Orkut Sharing.

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