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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bom Sabado! Orkut Bug

Few hours back I got few scraps from my friends just saying “Bom Sabado!” The first thing which I did was translated it to see what does it means and its was written in Portuguese saying “Good Saturday!”

However this message was coming from friends who were not knowing Portuguese that made me suspicious to investigate on it. Then on further research I came to know that Orkut has been attached by a bug.


Symptoms of bug Bom Sabado!

  1. Automatically  messages are been sent to all your friends saying “Bom Sabado!
  2. Automatically  you would be added to few numbers of communities few are shown below.




Precautions / Workaround

  1. Do not log-in into Orkut till the issue is been solved.
  2. Change your passwords.
  3. Change your securities questions and answers.
  4. Clear your browsers cookies and cache.
  5. Use the old version of Orkut and remove the communities which has been added without your knowledge. But once this has been done do log out again to be on safer side.
  6. Use m.orkut.com if you cant take your hands off from Orkut
  7. Disable the JavaScript of your browsers

As this issue has been passed on to the Orkut team, hence let us hope for the best and let the team do their their job to clean up this mess as soon as possible.

Any more workarounds or solutions to this issue would be useful for others so do share your suggestions with us.  

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