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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New [ Country wise ] Community Search Feature

Few days back if you all have noticed that the Community Search is working by Country wise. That means if you are from United States and searching for a community it will search that community in your country and then the other country. Before this was searching by Language wise which used to search by the language dose not matter where are you from.

Due to this change of new Community Search Feature many of the orkut user’s are facing lot of problem searching for the communities all over the world. And why shouldn’t they be mad where is the link that the community owner who made a Brazilian football players community should have more fans from Brazil only why not from other country’s ?
" The users are just asking the orkut team why is this Community Search Feature is by Country wise why not Language wise as before? "
I just want to ask the orkut team that
“ Is Orkut a social networking site or not ? If yes then why this Country wise Search ? "
Credit : Orkut Help


Officially Okrut Themes

At last Orkut launched themes officially, I was waiting for it, this is a great update made by orkut. Now all of you can choose between 12 beautiful themes from which only 4 is active for now. You can change the theme as follows:

1) Login to your orkut account.
2) You will see a link “change theme” beside your email Id on top of your screen (Shown in the Snap Shots)

3) Click it and you can see the 12 themes from which only 4 is active for now.

4) Choose any one of it and click the update button.

Snap Shot of Beach them

Note:- In some of the account this feature has not been launched but it will come soon. Because I think orkut team is testing this features.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Individually Lock Albums

Few days back orkut added a new feature which is one of its kind to privacy of albums. So from now you can manage the albums you want to share with everyone in your network or with all of your friends only. This can be done in two ways as follows :

# First way :-
1) Login to your orkut account.
2) Then click the Photo link which is under your account name.

3) Click the Edit button of the album you want to edit as shown in the snip shots.

4) Choose your option to whom you want to share the album.

5) Then click update button.

# Second way :-
1) Login to your orkut account.
2) Then click the settings link which is on your left hand side screen ( Show in the Snap Shots)

3) Click on the privacy tab.

4) Now in allow content to be accessed by: you can restrict who you want to allow to access your content which can view scrapbook, write in scrapbook, videos, testimonials, feeds and albums.
5) When you select albums as choose individually then you will have a new drop box below it.
6) In the new drop box you can select the choice of options for all the albums individually.

7) After all the changes just click the save changes button under it.

Now you can share your personal or family photos with your friends / love ones and as well keep it away / secured from strangers too at the same time.


Friday, May 9, 2008

See Deleted Community in Orkut

Orkut is taking the orkut.com Community Standards seriously now days, they are deleting all the community if it violate orkut Terms and Condition like :
  1. Report Abuse
  2. Users who are under 18 years old.
  3. Contain Child pornography.
  4. Contain nudity, sexually graphic material.

For more information about the Terms and condition : Orkut Help

But now you can see the Deleted Community in your orkut account, to see if any of your joined community is been deleted follow the steps:

1) Login to your orkut account.

2) Click the link Community with is at the top middle side of your page.

3) Click on the Deleted Box

4) Then you can see all the community which have been deleted

Note: This feature is still not active for all orkut users, it will take some time to see this feature in all the orkut profiles


New Orkut Bug ! Have you been deleted from your friends list ?

Yesterday one of my friend called me up and asked me that some of his friends in his friends list are not appearing , but they can see him in there friends list. I suppose many of you may be suffering the same issue. So I suffered about it and got to know that it may a new bug in orkut and the orkut team is working on it.And if its a new type of bug then it will take some time to be solve.

They have been informed and this is what they say about it:

Now all we can do is to wait and let the orkut team do there work.

Image Credit :- Orkut Help


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Set Your Status is here in Orkut

Now you all can set your status on orkut, first it must be on selective account but now its almost on everyone's account. This is a cool feature which Google has added in orkut now you can show your friends that you are online for chat or what ever you feel like to share with your friends.

With this feature you can also add smiley with ur status as shown in the snap shots. So make the best out of it and express yourself on Orkut....

These are the following steps to " Set Your Status " :

1) View your own profile link which is on your Left Hand Side screen.

2) Below your name you will see a text box which says " Set your status here ".

3) Just click on the text box and write what every you want to share with your friends

4) You can also add smiley which is given at the end or the text box if you feel like.

5) Then you are done with it. So now when ever your friends will view your profile they can know your status.

Credit :- Pramod and Inside orkut