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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Update on Orkut ! Now Wish Your Friends Happy Birthday Directly

This is a small but great update made on orkut, Now you all can wish your friends on there Birthday by just one click ! Before you had go to your friends profile and then you had to click the scrap link to wish him.

But now its just one click guys, All the friends who's birthday is on same day you login (means Today), you get a leave a scrap link on your orkut account homepage which takes you to your friends scrap page directly. So what do you think about this guys ?

Below is the snap shot of upcoming birthdays which you all will see.

Personally speaking I like this update because
1) It save's time.
2) User friendly.
3) Its easy.
4) And at last but not the least its great man.

Note : This update dose not work in low bandwidth version.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Is Your Profile Visitors Not Getting Updated !

These days many things are going on orkut. Many of the users are getting some or the other kind of problems in there account. Like this one Profile Visitor Not Getting Updated. Many of my friends complained about this issue, so I tried few things out and searched and got temporary solutions.

Resent visitors are not getting updated on your home page. Are you aware of it? Yes, this issues is going on for last few days. And orkut team are working on it. They say that this is not with all the users but few of them are having this issue.

Solution 1:
You can get over this issue by try to disabling and enabling your visitors list and wait at least 24 hr! It may come back to normal, or else then you have to wait for a few days.

Solution 2:
Or you can try getting the Photos of last five people who have visited your profile by the script below:
1) This script works on FF in 2 not in 3 : Install FireFox
2) It will need FF add-on Greasemonkey : Install Greasemonkey
Note: Details to install this script click here


Friday, September 26, 2008

Has Additon Of Friends Been Disabled For You ?

This is a New Feature Update For Friend Requests by orkut team. What am I talking about ? Don't worry guys I will explain everything about it.

How Dose It Work:-
If you try to
send mass friend requests at once, then your account id is been capture and send in a waiting pool.Which is done by automatic system

What Is A Waiting Pool ?
Its just that you will not be able to send any friends request to anyone for at least a week or 10 days, after that it will work normally.Till then you have to wait....

Why This Feature Has Been Made ?
Actually this a great feature from orkut side, because
most of us would have at some point received annoying friend requests from unknown users.

Source: orkut help


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Option to Jump Pages in orkut communities is Needed !! YES or NO

Hi all I have come across a problem when using orkut communities and forums. Actually is not a problem but Orkut Team can think for a user-friendly option for this issues which I am and hope many of other orkuttur’s out there are facing….

The issue is that I love reading orkut communities and forums a lot and many of them have long threads which go to 100s of pages or more. There’s the thread where people post nice quotations and you can’t stop reading about it. I would like to read all of them but can’t read it all at once. So if I decide to read first 8 to 15 pages at one go and the rest of them after sometime or tomorrow, then I have to go to the last page where I had stopped reading. So to do that I have to keep clicking Next>> link 15 times... That’s irritating and waste of time. So it would be really great if we can have an option to jump to page 15 directly or some other shortcut to jump pages would be wonderful…

I hope Orkut Team look's forward about this issues…..