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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New [ Country wise ] Community Search Feature

Few days back if you all have noticed that the Community Search is working by Country wise. That means if you are from United States and searching for a community it will search that community in your country and then the other country. Before this was searching by Language wise which used to search by the language dose not matter where are you from.

Due to this change of new Community Search Feature many of the orkut user’s are facing lot of problem searching for the communities all over the world. And why shouldn’t they be mad where is the link that the community owner who made a Brazilian football players community should have more fans from Brazil only why not from other country’s ?
" The users are just asking the orkut team why is this Community Search Feature is by Country wise why not Language wise as before? "
I just want to ask the orkut team that
“ Is Orkut a social networking site or not ? If yes then why this Country wise Search ? "
Credit : Orkut Help



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