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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Set Your Status is here in Orkut

Now you all can set your status on orkut, first it must be on selective account but now its almost on everyone's account. This is a cool feature which Google has added in orkut now you can show your friends that you are online for chat or what ever you feel like to share with your friends.

With this feature you can also add smiley with ur status as shown in the snap shots. So make the best out of it and express yourself on Orkut....

These are the following steps to " Set Your Status " :

1) View your own profile link which is on your Left Hand Side screen.

2) Below your name you will see a text box which says " Set your status here ".

3) Just click on the text box and write what every you want to share with your friends

4) You can also add smiley which is given at the end or the text box if you feel like.

5) Then you are done with it. So now when ever your friends will view your profile they can know your status.

Credit :- Pramod and Inside orkut



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