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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Update on Orkut ! Now Wish Your Friends Happy Birthday Directly

This is a small but great update made on orkut, Now you all can wish your friends on there Birthday by just one click ! Before you had go to your friends profile and then you had to click the scrap link to wish him.

But now its just one click guys, All the friends who's birthday is on same day you login (means Today), you get a leave a scrap link on your orkut account homepage which takes you to your friends scrap page directly. So what do you think about this guys ?

Below is the snap shot of upcoming birthdays which you all will see.

Personally speaking I like this update because
1) It save's time.
2) User friendly.
3) Its easy.
4) And at last but not the least its great man.

Note : This update dose not work in low bandwidth version.



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