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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Option to Jump Pages in orkut communities is Needed !! YES or NO

Hi all I have come across a problem when using orkut communities and forums. Actually is not a problem but Orkut Team can think for a user-friendly option for this issues which I am and hope many of other orkuttur’s out there are facing….

The issue is that I love reading orkut communities and forums a lot and many of them have long threads which go to 100s of pages or more. There’s the thread where people post nice quotations and you can’t stop reading about it. I would like to read all of them but can’t read it all at once. So if I decide to read first 8 to 15 pages at one go and the rest of them after sometime or tomorrow, then I have to go to the last page where I had stopped reading. So to do that I have to keep clicking Next>> link 15 times... That’s irritating and waste of time. So it would be really great if we can have an option to jump to page 15 directly or some other shortcut to jump pages would be wonderful…

I hope Orkut Team look's forward about this issues…..



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