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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New in Gmail Labs: Title Tweaks

This is a tiny new feature in Gmail Labs: Title Tweaks. It will change the order of the elements in the browser title bar to put the more important things first as shown in the snap-shots.

Steps to enable Location in Signature:

1. Login to Gmail.
2. Go to the following path Setting –> Labs tab and scroll down to locate “Title Tweaks”.

3. Select “Enable” and then click “Save Changes”.
4. You are done.

After enabling this tiny new feature you will be able (most of the time) to see if a new mail has arrived even if Gmail window is minimized. For example it will change the order of elements in the browser title bar from "Gmail - Inbox (20) - ravishmody@gmail.com" to "Inbox (20) - ravishmody@gmail.com - Gmail".

[via – Offical Gmail Blog]



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