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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Orkut Sharing Completes 1 Year

One year back on this day I had posted my first post for Orkut Sharing. I started blogging to share my ideas, knowledge, information for orkut and keeping Orkut in mind I started this blog. But over the time I started sharing information about Gmail, Google, Firefox. I eventually gained knowledge about them and this will grow on because Orkut Sharing is now more about sharing everything.

Orkut Sharing1When I started Orkut Sharing it was a slow growth and recently it has started to gain its popularity because of all you readers and subscribers of Orkut Sharing. I would like to thank Orkut Sharing_Worldyou guys for making a fabulous year for me as well for our Orkut Sharing.

Everyday I use to sit and see how far Orkut sharing has reached, what all have been searched, who all have visited. This helped me to understand what reader’s liked about Orkut Sharing and how to increase the popularity.

Talking about popularity which has increased because of some of the best blogger’s and blog’s. Orkut Sharing_1I would like to thank

  1. Darnell Clayton from InsideOrkut
  2. Bhavya Siddappa from Bhavyavoice
  3. Swashata from Blakut

There are many other great blogger’s and blog’s I follow which are doing great in there domains:

  1. Gaurav Dua from OrkutPlus
  2. Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration
  3. Vishal Gaikar from Orkutting-tricks
  4. Pavan Kumar from TechPavan

I know above graph still does not have good numbers but I believe in Orkut Sharing and will try my best to share more information. For this I would like your precious feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. to improve Orkut Sharing.



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