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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New “Move to” and “Labels” buttons in Gmail

Labels are used to sort out the mails in Gmail, for example - mails from friends, from work, some important mail, etc which helps us to find them easily next time we want to. Most of us follow this process which is very common, but for it we had to do complicated steps. For an instance if you wished to move an email from your inbox to a label you had to first apply a label to it. To label an email you had to go to “More actions” menu button and then you had to click “Archive” button.

Now after introducing these to buttons “Move to” and “Labels” Google has made things easier for us. Usages of the new buttons are given bellow:

Move to” button- You can label and archive an email in a single step.
Labels” button - To add or remove a label.

These buttons would be more helpful for those people who have lot of labels, as it uses auto-complete. It looks as they also have a search bar which will help to select the label just by typing the first couple of characters.

Google will be adding keyboard shortcuts for them, “v” for “Move to” and “l” (lowercase L) for “Labels”. For using these shortcuts you should have
keyboard shortcuts turned on.

Note: These changes are for everyone and as it has been launched today so it is in process that might be the reason you may not see these buttons right away.

Via | Image Credit: Official Gmail
Credit: Emil A Eklund, Gmail engineer



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