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Friday, February 6, 2009

New in Gmail Labs: Multiple Inboxes

Today Google added one more new feature in Gmail Labs: Multiple Inboxes. This allows you to implement multiple input boxes, making it possible to organize and highlight the new arrival messages displayed under setting. So now you can have a better customized view of your mails which is very easy to handle them at a glance.

You can enable this feature from the following path:
Settings -> Labs tab: Multiple Inboxes

To organize the multiple inboxes from the below path:
Settings-> Multiple Inboxes

After activating the new feature you can customize new messages with these lists

1. Drafts
2. Markers
3. Starred
4. Archived drafts
5. Special filters.

Through the "Multiple Inbox" within the settings page, you can also configure the number of conversations to display and positioning of the panels. This is one of the Labs features which is loved my most of the Gmail users. You can also give your feedback to improve this feature.

via: Official Gmail Blog



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