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Friday, February 20, 2009

New Update: - 3 New Themes of Carnaval in Orkut

Now you can also join the revelry of Carnaval with 3 new themes in Orkut which has been launched.

Check out the snap-shot shown below of the 3 new themes of Carnaval in your Orkut profile.

1. Carnaval in Rio!

2. Elements of Carnaval

3. Characters of Carnaval

Steps to get these themes in your Orkut profile:

  1. Login in Orkut
  2. On top of your orkut profile click Carnaval
  3. You will see these 3 themes
  4. Click on the theme you like
  5. Press update button.
  6. You are done.

What is Carnaval?

It is an annual celebration of life found in many countries of the world. And in fact, by learning more about carnival we can learn more about ourselves and a lot about accepting and understanding other cultures.

Carnival (Carnaval in Portuguese) is celebrated in towns and villages throughout Brazil and other Catholic countries. Rio de Janeiro has long been regarded as the Carnival Capital of the World.

We all non Brazil Orkut users should thank Google and Orkut team for letting us join the great festive season.

Have a great time at Carnival!

Tenha um ótimo tempo no Carnaval!

(In Portuguese)



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