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Monday, February 23, 2009

Orkut is now available with WebPage VoiceMail Inbox Gadget

After Friendster and Ning now its turn for Orkut to have VoiceMail Inbox Gadget which is brought by MeterNet's WebPage VoiceMail (WPVM).

Features of WPVM Services:

1. WPVM subscribers on Orkut can easily receive voice messages on their profile.
2. They will not reveal your email id or contact numbers.
3. As it’s an online voice mail system that allows subscribers to receive free message calls from anyone, anywhere, thru any Internet browser on PC or Mac computers.
4. You can also enjoy automated 24x7 email notification.
5. You will get online retrieval of your voice mail messages anytime thru the WPVM Inbox Gadget.
6. It has a low flat rate pricing...as low as $5.00 per month on Annual Plan.
7. Subscribers can also enjoy freedom from any per-minute charges or advertisement clutter.
8. WPVM service runs on VM1, the Internet VoiceMail Network.

To add WPVM into your Orkut page follow these steps:

1. Subscribe to WPVM via PayPal (Annual or Quarterly Plan).
2. Log-in to your Orkut
3. Go to Orkut's Application Directory and look for "Meternet" using the search box.
4. Click Add Application.

Other then Orkut, WPVM subscribers can also use there Internet voicemail accounts on other social networks, blogs, emails and company website.

[via: 1888PressRelease]



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