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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Create your own theme colors in Gmail

From the day Google has launched themes in Gmail and Orkut everyone is trying to create there own themes and use there own colors in the theme. So Google has worked on it and today they have launched with a new option “Choose your own colors” in Gmail theme.

You can see this option in the following path:

Setting -> Theme tab and scroll down to locate “Choose your own colors

Click on it and you'll get a pop-up in which you will be able to select colors for everything from background of your inbox to the link of the text.

Now you can play with your favorite colors and create your own theme everyday by mix- matching the colors. If you get carried out with lot of mix - matching and lost the track of colors then you can always use the “Reset” button at the bottom, which would revert to the default colors.

Note: Companies that use Google Apps would not be able to see this option for themes yet, but don't worry Google is working on it.

Hope Google gets this option with Orkut themes also !!

via: Official Gmail Blog



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