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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New in Gmail Labs: Message translation

3330079085_3bce8cae57_mGoogle has recently announced a new feature in Gmail Labs: Message translation. Now whenever you receive an email which is other then your language, this new feature will help you translate it into a language you can understand in one click. Gmail is making it sure that language should not be an obstacle for its user.

Steps to enable Message translation:

  1. Login to Gmail.
  2. Go to the following path Setting –> Labs tab and scroll down to locate “Message translation”. 
  3. Select “Enable” and then click “Save Changes”.
  4. Now no language barrier for you.

After enabling this feature you can see a link available in the message, if the language in the email is anything other than your default language as shown below.


This feature would help us save lot of time, before we had to copy past it to Google translation page and then see what was the result. From now onwards let your pen-pal, business partners or your client know how good are you in understanding other languages. Let us know how this new feature helped you by leaving comments below.

[via: Official Gmail Blog]



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