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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Google Latitude is now on Orkut- Share your location with friends

Most of you might be knowing about Google Latitude or may be using it as well. With this new application you can share your approximate location with your friends. Google team was knowing that this new few application couldn't been completed without adding it  to Orkut. So they launched it today as Google Latitude application in Orkut. I had written a post Google maps on Orkut  a year back which was more or less similarly to this post however that was not an application.

Steps to add Google Latitude application:

  1. Click: - Google Latitude application  and login in your account account and add the application.
  2. After that click Agree button.
  3. In Friends tab you can set your status, set your location or even Get Google Latitude on your phone as shown in the snap shot.

  4. In Add friends tab you can select which friends would you like to share or should know your location.

  5. Privacy will give you options to chose how would you like to Set your location.

  6. Now you can let your friends know wherever your are.


Once you add this application in your Orkut profile you can share your location and see your friend’s location on a map inside of Orkut. So if any of your friend is near your location just click his/her photo and send a scrap like “Can we meet up”.

You can even set your location on the go if your are using Google Latitude from your mobile. However Google team has taken Latitude privacy feature very seriously which could help you a lot. For more information check out the Latitude- Google Privacy tips video below.     


Latitude - Google Privacy Tips:


[via: Official Orkut Blog ]



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