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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Google Favicon Has been Changed Once Again

If you all have not noticed, then Google has once again changed its favicon. This is the second time Google changed its favicon. Till now Google had two more favicon. The new favicon has all the colors from the Google's logo and Chrome . Check out the snap-shots.


This was last changed in May 2008. There were lot of favicon suggested to Google but the lucky one was Andre Resende a computer science undergraduate student at the University of Campinas in Brazil.

Favicon_Andre by Andre Resende

Google picked Andre’s favicon and modified it little bit but the concept was not changed. Google felt that the placement of a white 'g' on a color-blocked background was highly recognizable and attractive, which seem to capture the essence of Google.

Google Favicon_0109 Google’s new favicon

In case you dont like the new favicon and want to switch to old favicon Google_favicon then you can use below script by !user to change it.

Installation Instructions:-

This script is not compatible with Internet Explorer since it uses Greasemonkey, a Firefox Add-on. If you want to enjoy this and countless other hacks and scripts then Switch to Firefox

See the following steps:-

1) Download Firefox if you don’t have it.
2) From your Firefox page itself Install Greasemonkey. After you install Greasemonkey successfully then you will see its icon on bottom right-hand side of your firefox page. Click Here to Install Greasemonkey
3) Now Install the Script to change the favicon.

source: Google blog

credit: Andre Resende

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