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Friday, December 26, 2008

Few Top New Orkut Features in 2008

These are few top new features that improved orkut to be one of the best social network sites in 2008.


  1. Gtalk in orkut was one of the biggest step taken by orkut team. Due to this new feature in orkut, it gained lot of attraction. As many people including me love Gtalk and integrating with orkut was the best thing to be in touch and chat with your Orkut friends. And gave a brand new way to use orkut.

  2. Themes changed the look and feel of orkut. Applying this feature in orkut gave us all new dressed up orkut. And adding seasonal and holidays themes at the right time made us wait for holidays to see what would orkut look this years in Diwali, Christmas and coming up New Year.

  3. Orkut on mobile was needed by all of us, don't you agree with me? This was one new feature which taught us to use orkut on our go. And after some time orkut came up with Orkut for S60 with this version you could upload photos, picture galleries, click to call and quick friend search which made the orkut on mobile users excited and made it easy too. orkutyouthicon

  4. Friends are the key ingredient for orkut. So orkut aloud your friends from AOL, hotmail and yahoo to join you at orkut. That’s not all they gave us a friends search bar to find your friends in no time. A status bar was also given for letting your friends know your current status. Wish Happy Birthday to your friends by one click.

  5. When friends comes to our mind then the old snaps and the new one also comes in to picture so orkut gave a new look in album too with faster and more photos could be uploaded. That's not it orkut also gave us an option to protect our pictures from strangers with Individually lock alums. And we could leave a comment and tag on our friends photos.

  6. Orkut team never lets its users get bored. They came up with all new applications which would keep you busy and let you have fun on orkut. And added new events also so that you can manage most of your things by orkut.

  7. If you dint had a high speed internet then orkut had come up with a faster and lighter version of orkut.

  8. And to notify orkut users was also done with style with new look for orkut email.
And there where many more updates which also helped orkut to grown more and more in its domain. I have few things for orkut team members that "we love all the new features added to orkut and will be looking forward for more updates from orkut".



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