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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Google added new dimension ads on Orkut

Few months back Orkut had changed Google ads region on Orkut profiles and now Google has yet come again with a new region and a new dimension of ads to advertise on Orkut. The dimension of this new advertisement is 728x90 and its similar to Top Banner advertising which can been seen when you are viewing yours or anyone's else's photos on Orkut.


History of ads on Orkut

Few years back there were no ads on Orkut, then came the Large Rectangular ad with dimensions 250x250 which was not visible on home page of your Orkut profile as it was placed below my communities, then it was moved above my communities and right now it has jumped over my friends has been placed on top right side.

orkut ads

As recently Google added 728x90 dimensions ads, I’m guessing their would be lot more ads to be seen in coming years on Orkut. What do you think about it? Will their be more ads added ? Share your opinions with us.

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