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Sunday, August 16, 2009

How to Promote Your Stuff on Orkut

Promote Recently Orkut has come up with a free new feature called Orkut “Promote” to help you guys promote your stuff with all your Orkut friends. Before you had to scrap each and every friend to spread the word but now with ‘promote’ introduced to Orkut things will be much easier and quicker.

Features of new promote tool:

  1. You can promote text, photos from your Orkut albums and YouTube videos.
  2. Built-in “Spread” can be used by your friends to promote your stuff with their friends. Its like re-prompting your stuff.
  3. Built-in “Trash” to remove the promote which you do not link.
  4. “my promotion” tab shows you numbers of users viewed, clicked, deleted your promotions as well how far they’ve spread.
  5. You can stop or delete a promotion any time which you’ve created.

Google knows how to promote things very well that's why they have placed the promotions on the upper right corner friends home and profile pages which would replace Google advertisements above my friends.


Steps to create a promotion:Orkut_Promote

  1. Click on “promote” on your left side of your Orkut profile.
  2. Choose a title of your promotions.
  3. Give the description of your promotion in comment
  4. Select Text, Photos or YouTube video for content.
  5. Click create promotion button.

Advantage of promote:

Using Orkut promote you can promote almost anything and everything that too in no time with a bigger audiences. Google charges advertisers for promotion while regular Orkut members don't have to pay any fee for using Orkut promote.

Check out the short  video made by Orkut to learn more:

Note: Promote is in the process of rolling out to all Orkut users around the world and in India this feature would be rolled out in coming moths.

Let us know what do you think about this new feature and also do share your experience if you have promote in your account by leaving comments.

[source: Official Orkut Blog ]



At August 18, 2009 at 9:48 PM , Anonymous Patelbros said...

HI OSharing iam happy with this post as it is useful in many ways as far as promoting is concerned.Its just well putted thnx again OSharing

At August 19, 2009 at 6:44 AM , Blogger ravish said...


Definitely this would be a really great tool for promoting things on Orkut.

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