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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Subscribing Types For Orkut Sharing

For Orkut Sharing readers I have tried my best to make things easer and simpler. So that you never miss any updates hence we came up with these subscription types. Now with your preferences you can subscriber to Orkut Sharing.

  • Mobile Subscription:

If you are always on a go then mobile subscriber will be the best choice for you.


  1. Click the above image or
  2. Apply on Google Sms.
  3. or by sending a SMS

ON OrkutSharing to 09870807070

  • Email Subscription:

If you love to surf internet and most of the time on are on net then this would help you in getting updates of Orkut Sharing.


  1. Click the above image or
  2. Apply on Get Email.
  • Orkut Community Or Scrap :

We believe most of Orkut Sharing readers must be having an Orkut account. So if you prefer all the updates in Orkut then this one for you.


Orkut Community

  1. Click the above image or
  2. Apply on Orkut Community.


Orkut Scrap

  1. Click the above image or
  2. Apply on Scrap Me.

If you would like any other type of subscription please let us know so that we can try our best to get them too. Thank you for subscribing with Orkut Sharing.

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